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245. alone and prone in the half-light

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May. 14th, 2016 | 09:25 am
music: LCD Soundsystem - "Get Innocuous!"
posted by: sociologique in sasurai

We've had a gorgeous Spring here but I haven't been able to get out and go hiking (well, I mean technically I could but I shouldn't right now), so this is the first time I've gone out with my camera since September. We went to the Point Defiance Zoo yesterday for my birthday but only the Sumatran Tigers were out (I wanted to see the Clouded Leopards but they were all asleep), so here's some aminals.

Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium, Tacoma, Washington, USA 2016.05.13

bonus shots of mt. rainier as we left the zoo

doing the halo thing fuji-san always does god i miss japan

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