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246. translation: morita go "himeanole" jweb email

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May. 31st, 2016 | 09:19 am
music: Grizzly Bear - "Two Weeks"
posted by: sociologique in sasurai

Good morning! and hello from my new house! I finally got my new desk set up and I need a break from unpacking, so here's a short, quick, cute little jweb email from Go (sent last Friday but moving, no desk, etc).

Good morning!

This is Morita Go. The movie "Himeanole" opens starting today.

I think we've made a film you'll enjoy, so I'd be really glad if the people who were already looking forward to it and who'd decided to go see it would come see it.

But for sure, it's a stimulating film with a lot of different meanings, so I'm sure there are people who are also worrying, like "what should I dooo?" I definitely think those people should go see it, too.

It's a film that you'll definitely feel something about after you've seen it, so I'd like for you to head to your theatre and see it.

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