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248. translation: messages from v6 vol.422: sakamoto masayuki

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Aug. 25th, 2016 | 11:23 am
music: Nujabes - "Light On The Land"
posted by: sociologique in sasurai

Hello, internet! Now that my brain is no longer mush, I can finally get back to translating things and not taking 50 years to do so (I hope). Here's a quick thing to get me back into it before I work more on the 20th anniversary pamphlet. And while I'm here, I just want to state that Maa-kun is all of us. Which means he's the worst. My poor bb you're such a dork ;__; .

Piano and tap are like that too, but there's great joy in seeing the fruits of your labours when doing something difficult

The play I was just in, "Murder For Two," is done. It's a totally different kind of play than anything I've done before, so it left me with a totally different sort of feeling. I had to play a lot of roles for just one person, and there was a lot to remember so it got chaotic in my head, so until my conditioned reflexes kicked in, rehearsing was pretty hard. I was honestly giving it my all during perfromances, and I couldn't calm down, so when it would end, I would end up thinking that, at any rate, I want this to "end" (laughs). Playing the piano got to be more and more fun, and I want to keep playing. Tap was that way, too, but the more difficult something is, when you practice and get to see the fruits of your labours, there's a great joy in that.

During the photoshoot the six of us did a little while ago, Nagano and I -- who've known one another for 30 years -- got to talking as we did a shoot with just the two of us. I got a lot of feedback, and that made me happy. Nagano, when he was a Junior, would say what he was going to say without complaining, and I just have this impression of him just doing things. I'm the type who'll immediately say what's on my mind, so I'd tihnk someone like Nagano is amazing. He was probably conscious of the people around him. As a Junior, when I'd get included in things, I'd just be an ass (laugh). Nagano would do things properly, and he's the type of person who's been putting down roots and doing his best for forever.

I've been doing stuff for the play for forever, so I haven't had a lot of time to go out lately. so I've been thinking like, is there no way for me to connect to society?, and so more and more I've been doing a lot of online shopping (laughs). I'll buy stuff with one click, and then when things come to my house via express shipping and I talk to the delivery person, I'll honestly feel like, "oh, I'm connecting with people in the outside world" (laughs). What I've been buying is like, face wash for daily use. That and a case of cup ramen. I found the char siu cup ramen I used to eat forever ago, and it's not something they really sell anymore, so I bought it. It's kind of a comfort food (laughs).

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from: sociologique
date: Sep. 2nd, 2016 03:55 pm (UTC)

Thanks :DD He's great -- just sits in his little baby carrier on me and sleeps while I do stuff; what a dude.

I'm happy to be translating again, too! It was frustrating to not for so long, especially because the pamphlet is so great.

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